“…a mesmerizing combination of chamber jazz, symphonic music, modern jazz and big band. You might even hear strains of Charles Mingus in this aurally delicious mix.”

BOB PROTZMAN – DownBeat Magazine
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“This is decidedly one of the best jazz albums I’ve listened to (yet) in 2016!… a superb aural adventure that gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me, with a (perfect) ‘EQ’ (energy quotient) rating of 5.0 – which means that it gets the ‘PICK’ of this issue for ‘best jazz ensemble’…”

ROTCOD ZZAJ – Improvijazzation Nation
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“Something wonderful. Something transformational… Further Explorations is indeed a musical pilgrimage that searches the horizons and moves beyond them. The compositions are inspiring and intelligent and the performance artistry is exemplary.”

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“The most impressive quality of the music on this disc is the ability to artfully blur composition and improvisation to where it can be nearly imperceptible, and the way the seven piece group is suggestive of an entire thirteen or fifteen piece big band because the various methods of orchestration make things sound so rich.”

CJ SHEARN – Jazz Views with CJ Shearn
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“…thoughtful, atmospheric, meditative, soulful, to the progressive/contemporary, bold and experimental.”

DAVE BROWNLOW – Bebop Spoken Here
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“The invention, tonal shading and occasional raucousness on this album give it a warm glow and a sense of fun.”

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“Alchemy Sound Project Goes Metaphysical… Further Explorations is a treat for the ear, a smorgasbord rather than a tightly planned and scheduled musical meal.”

LYNN RENE BAYLEY – The Art Music Lounge
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“To properly distill classical music and jazz music, one must be on intimate terms with both or the experiment will most likely wind up being either one or the other — but not both. Enter Alchemy Sound Project. Its Further Explorations debut combines West African folk motifs with European classical and stateside jazz. Does it succeed? In spades!”

MIKE GREENBLATT – Classicalite
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